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Shinichi Maruyama

 Born in Nagano, Japan in 1968, Shinichi Maruyama hurls black India ink into water and photographs the millisecond that these two liquids collide. Capable of capturing this phenomenon at a 7,500th of a second, Maruyama takes full advantage of a recent advancement in strobe light technology which can record physical events faster than the naked eye can perceive them. In the series Kusho, which means “writing in the sky,” Maruyama’s goal is to arrest in space and time the sublime intersection of two different media before they merge into one. In some respects, the project resembles a scientific experiment, but in Maruyama’s artistic hands, the total action becomes a form of Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) performance—with the gesture executed in the air rather than on the flat surface of the paper. “Once your brush touches paper, you must finish the character, you have one chance. It can never be repeated or duplicated. You must commit your full attention and being to each stroke. Liquids, like ink, are elusive by nature. As sumi ink finds its own path through the paper grain, liquid finds its unique path as it moves through air.” -Shinichi Maruyama Txt Via MyModernMet


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Ford GT40 MkI

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So while I was waiting for an interview in the press area of the Leica booth earlier in the day, I noticed Dr. Kaufmann, the owner of Leica camera, sitting with a few people at one of the tall cocktail tables out of the corner of my eye, having some coffee and chatting. But I immediately did a double take and saw the most unique Leica I’ve seen in a very long time sitting right there on the table. The white was shining bright under the convention hall lighting and the lens’ red color stood in stark contrast to the black and white camera.

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Some animations from the map in TwoDots

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"Fiboncci Sequence (Square)" Art print

Leonardo Fibonacci is an Italian mathematician from the 12th century.

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Saturday : cislv

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Mnunu Nimune is the pseudonym of a cyberpunk artist from Spain. He posts on Tumblr as mnunu-nimune. His work is built around a set of ten rules.

1. Only black and white.

2. 500 width 888 height.

3. Always merge Tech-Noir/Cyberpunk with Occult / Esoteric topics.

4. Just code with Processing. No PS, no AE, no C4D.

5. Work 3 hours max per piece.

6. Just post pictures. No reblogs, no text, no messages,

7. Use your own algorithms and your own classes. Your own typographies and your own languages.

8. Always include Procedural & Random elements.

9. Only use photographs made with your iPhone. No edits.

10. Publish one post a day. 18:30 Madrid time.


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