Android Are Bringing Technology to the Wrist

“Information that moves with you”. This is the promise of the newly announced smart watch concept from Android. In the past few years, the phrase “wearable technology” has been on the minds of every big tech company. Now, many of them are making true on the promise of smart devices solely built for portability and ease of use. What setsAndroid Wear apart from the flood of smart watches and wristbands, is the combination of Google OS and a truly elevated design aesthetic.

By incorporating incredibly intelligent software, any information is at the tip of your finger and a glance at your wrist. Search for exciting new restaurants, find the quickest route home, or find out the name of the actor who was in that obscure movie from your childhood.

Before the announcement of Android Wear, we have been limited to rather bulky smart watches or sporty, rubberized bands that can stand out (in a negative way). While the concepts for Android wear are still on the large side, thankfully with the help of theMotorola design team, the watches are moving towards a more inconspicuous look. Basically, you will no longer feel like you have a brick strapped to your wrist.

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Street Writing, Osaka

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Jon B.
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Strap arrived today.  I immediately ordered another - it’s that good!  The dark brown goes nicely with the Fuji case. These straps rock!

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La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun

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